We have certain well-defined drug policy measures to ensure that we are not at any risk when customers are buying medicines from us and using them. We will ask you to get a consultation from your doctor, or therapist or a certified physician before buying medicines from our portal.

We will not bear any risk if you have taken an overdose or the wrong generic medicines for your treatment without the consultation of a doctor.

What you need to know while buying any medicines from us

Arrowpills is an online website that sells medicines online. We do not provide any consultation or neither prescribe any medicines to anyone.

If you are interested in buying medicines from us you are at your own risk. Please visit the doctor and make sure that you do not suffer from any side effects as we always hope for your well being.

We are not at any risk after having side effects using medicines bought from our portal. Although if you want to return medicines purchased from us or want a refund we will certainly entertain that if it falls within the guidelines specified in our Terms and Conditions policy.

But apart from this, we are not liable for anything from your end.

The medicines that we sell are not for a bargain. We will offer you discounts on your purchases. Any further bargaining is not entertained.

We ensure that our medicines are of the best standards and quality

Our medicines are bought directly from the manufacturers of the medicines. We do not buy medicines from any retailer or wholesaler.

We can ensure that the medicines bought online from us are in the same drug composition as they are specified on the covers or sachets of the medicines.

You can buy all types of medicines like oral pills, ointments, prescription drugs, generic drugs, syrups, over the counter drugs, gels, etc.

Remember that for buying the prescription medicines you need to have a doctor’s prescription and you need to upload the same on the portal before making your order. We will check the same and then only book your order. Any other facilities are not provided and there are no exceptions to this rule.

We do not certify any drug composition. The same needs to be checked at the customer end or else of course you can take reference from the doctor.

We also make sure that none of the medicines that are currently existing in our stock are past their expiry dates. We can certify you on this and any exceptions need to be brought to our notice at the earliest.

What do you need to know about generic medicines before purchasing them from our portal?

The most important difference between a generic medicine and a branded medicine is that you don’t have any brand names specified in the drugs. This is why the cost of the generic medicines are cheaper than those of the branded medicines irrespective of whether they are prescription medicines or over the counter drugs.

The generic drugs work in the same way as prescription medicines. The generic medicines have the same dosage, composition, effects, working mechanism, and performance in your body as branded medicines.

Can you buy generic medicines online at Arrowpills?

Of course, you can buy generic medicines online at Arrowpills. We sell a wide variety of generic medicines for various types of diseases and disorders. You will save extra money on buying the generic medicines fro our portal as we provide flat discounts on all purchases.

At Arrowpills we can ensure that you get the authentic medicines delivered right at your doorstep.